What is Gameschooling?

What is Gameschooling?

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What is Gameschooling?

By Katie Silliman 


Some of you reading this article may be wondering, what is gameschool? It means to use tabletop games (board games or card games) in your family’s homeschool day. You may be thinking what in the world? How is my child learning by playing board games? This is where you, the parent, must decide what subject you want to teach your child. Whether that be Math, Reading and Language Arts, Spelling, etc… then, you find the board games that best fit your child’s needs. When I first started homeschooling, I was new to gameschool. I had an idea of what it was but not the direct impact it could have on my child’s learning. I was tired of using traditional paper and pencil for work, all day long and I felt like my children were not absorbing a lot of the information and they became bored very quickly. Now, I still use paper and pencil for a lot of stuff but some days, we just need a break. This is where gameschool is a lifesaver for us. This school year, I am doing regular work Monday through Thursday and making game day on Friday! Now, we will more than likely have game days more than just Friday’s depending on how the week goes. I try very hard to keep a schedule in our homeschool just so my children know what is going on. They look forward to gameschool on Fridays though. 


So, you are probably still wondering if gameschool is for you and your family. Can you, do it? Will you stick with it? Is it worth it? I am sure you have a lot of burning questions. In short, yes you can do it. I am not sure you will stick with it but, I do know that it is a lot of fun and maybe after I list the amazing facts about gameschool, you will see why! Is it worth it? Yes, it is worth it! You will see the enjoyment that your children are having with it, and I really think that you will see all the reasons. You can take traditional games like chess and apply it to gameschool. There are some amazing games out there by different game designers that would make great teaching games. Kingdomino is a great choice for sneaky Math. Zeus on the Loose by Gamewright is another sneaky Math game. Your child will be having a blast playing these games but also learning Math skills. Bananagrams is a great game to be played to learn spelling skills. You can also play games like Boggle and Boggle Jr. depending on your child’s age to also reinforce spelling and reading skills. There is no limit to what games you can pick and there are so many different games out there that have an educational aspect to it.



  1. Board games are fun! – We have known this since we started playing games. Whether you started playing at a young age or just started, I am sure you can relate that they are fun. You see your children laughing and even catch yourself sometimes giggling at things that are happening during gameplay. I know me and my family always have a great time during family game night.
  2. Board games create family memories– I remember growing up, my mom’s favorite game was Yahtzee. My aunt and uncle would come over on the weekends sometimes to play card games and Yahtzee. I enjoyed playing with them. I also enjoyed playing Clue, and of course Monopoly. I am not a huge Monopoly lover now but that is okay! My grandmother enjoyed a good old-fashioned game of Solitaire but, I could never figure out how to play. I always loved to just sit and watch her play and try to figure out the point of the game. She was always so patient with me and tried to help me understand but, it never seemed to stick. I still to this day have a hard time understanding how to play but, it was the memories with my grandmother that I remember most.
  3. Board games can also be great brain puzzles– I know for me, when I am playing a strategy game with someone, I love to watch them think and try to understand why that person made the moves they did. This of course can also be true if you are just playing a game that is a brain teaser. I know that I have a hard time sometimes figuring those things out myself. It is also crazy to hand one to my child and watch them figure it out! We all know that keeping your brain healthy is very important. This can also be true for older adults. If you have someone in your family who has Alzheimer’s, this can be a great way to keep their brain going and help them to keep thinking. 


Board games are making a come back especially since the pandemic and families were looking for new ways to create family memories. I also know of a lot of families who are trying to decide whether they want to homeschool this coming up school year and have even come to me to ask what we do and how we gameschool and what all that entails. There are even games that you can play over Zoom together if you are still looking for fun things to do with family members that you are not seeing right now. So, if you are a homeschool family, I strongly encourage you to give gameschool a try and see what happens. Not only are you creating strong family memories, but you are also teaching your children through play. Which is the best way that children can learn. There are so many different resources out there and people that can help give you advice on games to use during your homeschool day, that I really think your entire family could benefit from this. Even if you decide that you do not like it, maybe you will still have family game night and that is even better. I hope you enjoyed reading this article about what is gameschooling.


About the Author



Katie Silliman is a homeschool/gameschool/podcast mom to 4 kids, whose been homeschooling for 7 years now and have been gameschooling for 4 of those years. She also is the founder of The Homeschool Connection and The Homeschool Connection podcast. Katie has always a board game lover so being able to incorporate board games into her child’s education, has been a huge win for her. You can find her on Instagram at @gameschoolgoddess and on Twitter at @GameSchGoddess