Gameschool Summer

Gameschool Summer

School may be out for the summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun gameschooling. With this in mind, The Gameschool Co-Op has come together to present you with Gameschool Summer. It doesn’t matter if you homeschool or not, we want to encourage you to play board games this summer with your kids as a way to keep their learning skills sharp and to have some great family bonding time.

How does it work? Simply pick a day or two a week and play whatever board games you have in hand. Looking for new games? Try some of the free print and play games below. We also have some other resources to help make Gameschool Summer even more enjoyable.

We love for you to take pictures of the games you play and share them on Instagram with the hashtag #GameschoolSummer. We also have a discord group, if you like to come and talk with us about gameschool summer or even just games in general.  Don’t forget to check out The Gameschool Co-Op’s social media pages this Summer, for possible game giveaways. Happy Gaming!





  • Make Your Own Logo – Color The Gameschool Co-Op logo and then make your own board gaming logo to represent your family. Please share your child’s art on Instagram at #GameschoolSummer




  • Certificate of Completion for Gameschool Summer – Printable certificate you can give your child for participating at the end of Summer Gameschool. What includes participation is left up to the parent, though we suggest trying to play at least one game a week this summer, and maybe doing some of the printables found here on this page.



The idea behind Meeple Badges is to make a game out of playing board games!  They work much like video game achievements, complete the challenge, earn (color in) the badge.  With the exception of the Young Kids version, all the other Meeple Badge downloads are meant to be printed double-sided and folded like a pamphlet. (Meeple icon by Delapouite under CC BY 3.0 from


  • Gameschool Summer: Meeple Badges – Young Kids (PreK to 2nd Grade) – Color in the meeple when you complete each given task. If you finish this one up, print it again and see how many times you can go through it for the summer! 18 different challenges!



  • Gameschool Summer Meeple Badges Game Tracker and 5×5 – This is a very basic extra printout – print double-sided and fold, and stick in the center of the Meeple Badge print out for (the one for Ages 9 to Adult) and staple in together in the crease to make a booklet. Room for 53 games to be tracked plus has a 5×5 game challenge.


If you like to find more meeple badge downloads you can find some game-specific ones on Gameschool Adventures Meeple Badges page – they have ones for Dragonwood, Kingdomino, and Kombo Klash, currently.







  • Make Your Own Logo – Color The Gameschool Co-Op logo and then make your own board gaming logo to represent your family. Please share your child’s art on Instagram at #GameschoolSummer


  • Pirate Unicorn coloring page from board game designer and artist Royce Banuelos


  • Pixel Hunt – Color-by-number grid where the picture is a surprise, by Alexander Shen








  • Line 7 – Designed by Alexander Shen, this solo number puzzle game will have you adding up to 7 as many times as you can. 40 puzzles. (Ages 10+)






Check out these free to print games. If you need some quick tips on building Print and Play games, you can find some here.


  • Bandada– A 1 to 2 player game where are photographing beautiful birds. Get the best pictures by attracting birds with their favorite types of food. Will you have the best portfolio by the end? If you enjoy this version of the game you can pre-order the full professional version here. Designed by Chase Estep and for ages 10+


  • Beehive – a math abstract strategy puzzle game for 2-players. Designed by Mitsuo Yamamoto of LOGY GAMES, and for ages 8+


  • Blankout –  a roll-and-write game where players compete to fill up a grid with tetromino shapes. The last person to able to fit a tetromino into their grid is the winner! Any number of players can play. Designed by  Alexander Shen, and for Ages 8+


  • Boxcars a roll and write that uses standard dice, players are trying to be the best and fast at loading up train boxcars. For ages 8+, 1-5 players, designed by Trash Pandas‘ Michael Eskue, along with his wife Lisa Eskue, for ages 8+


  • Cat Sudoku – is a roll-and-write sudoku game for 1 to 6 players, by Ta-Te Wu. This is the old playable prototype, if you enjoy it you can purchase the professional version of the game, Cat Sudoku: Roll for Kyoto, at your local game stores or through For Ages 8+


  • Canterbury Plains – an 18 card, about clever card placement and herding sheep in New Zealand. 1-2 Players, Ages 8+, designed by Shannon McDowell.


  • Grasshopper Chess – a Chess variant where you will add a new piece to the board (can be resented by two different color checkers).


  • Jurassico – a roll and write about creating dinosaurs. To play you just need the rules, sheet, and 5 6-sided dice (1 red, 1 blue, 1 yellow, 1 green, and 1 white). For 1-4 players, designed by Danny Devine (Harvest DiceKohaku), and for ages 8+


  • Rainbow – a kaleidoscopic flip and color game. Use the color and shape cards to fill in your grid in order to collect points and bonuses. Complete as many squares as you can or color all of the rainbow, unicorn, or unicorn shoes! Any number of players can join you in this one, and it’s designed by Bill Nickeas, and for ages 8+


  • Snaky– Explore the food chain, in Snaky, a push-your-luck family game where you move a snake by laying snake cards on top of each other and then catch your next meal by capturing mice. You must be clever and crafty on how you move the snake if you want to be the first to catch two mice! For 2+ players, for preschoolers and up, designed by Reed Ambrose.


  • Snappy Maths – is a quick-fire educational game for children, designed by Liam Kean, when he was 10-years-old. Two players race to compose simple math equations (addition, subtraction, and multiplication of numbers 1, 2, and 3) to match a target number determined by a six-sided die. For ages 7+ (due to some very basic multiplication)


  • Squire For Hire– Your day has finally come — a famous adventurer has hired YOU to be their squire! Squire for Hire is an 18-card, fantasy tile-laying inventory management game for 1-2 players, designed by Jon Merchant. This is the low color version, to get the professional version from Letiman Games. For ages 10+


  • Squava – abstract strategy game where players are trying to make 4-in-a-row while avoid making 3-in-a-row.  For 2 players, ages 6+, designed by Néstor Romeral Andrés, based off of Yavalthf, by Cameron Browne’s LUDI.


  • Sum Kind of Fun! – A math that that uses a deck of poker cards, this one can be played just about anywhere, including on your summer road trips in the car. Designed by the Rocchi Family. For ages 6+


For more Print and Play Games see Foodfighters, Open Ocean, and Zeura Games sections below. And for even more Print and Plays check out Beauty In Ordinary Things’ article of publishers with printables.





  • Punchboard Doodle Art – Instead of recycling the punchout board that comes in many modern board games, use it to make art. Have your child, use it as a stencil (the stranger the shape, the better). After tracing the shape onto a page, they now need to use that shape to make a picture. Inspired by artist, Debbie Ridpath Ohi


  • Codename Art – Using a copy of the game Codenames, participants take out 3 cards at random and draw an art piece that incorporates all 3 words. This is inspired by artist, Royce Banuelos.




Thanks to KTBG for providing some Foodfighters Resources. If you enjoy this one you can get a professional copy from Kids Table Board Gaming.

  • Foodfighers – is a light two-player battle game – each player controls a team of foods trying to win a food fight against the opposing team. The first player to knock out three matching foods from the other team wins! For 2-players only, ages 8+ (though we think perhaps 6+) designed by Helaina and Josh Cappel.
  • Foodfighters Coloring Page – Color Brocolli vs the Chicken Leg from the game Foodfighters.
  • Foodfighters Double Puzzle #1 – Unscramble the words to decode the joke
  • Foodfighters Double Puzzle #2 –  Unscramble the words to decode the joke




Thanks to Featherstone Games‘ head honcho, Joel Bodkin, who is a great believer in gameschooling, we can offer your these free Open Ocean printables. The game is listed as Ages 8+





Our friends at Zerua Games were nice enough to provide many different free downloads for Summer Gameschool. The Gamechool Co-Op wants to thank them so much! If you enjoy their printables make sure to give them a follow on their social media accounts at


  • Game Design
    • My First Game Printable– Have your preschooler or Kindergartener design their first game, with this roll and move in this single-page worksheet.
    • Designing A Game – a simple worksheet to help your child (Elementary School age and up) design their first game.


  • Coloring Pages
    • Hue-icorns Coloring PageHue-icorns is a work-in-progress game from Zerua Games, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the art in this coloring page.


  • Free Print-and-Play Games
    • Alphabet Soup– is a roll and write game about making words. The game is played over the course of 3 rounds (that’s a lot of soup!). During each round, players will roll the dice, choose and write a letter, then try to create a word from those letters. Players will score per round with the highest cumulative score winning the game. (Ages 10+)
    • Cutie Bug – Let’s go looking for bugs and collect flowers! Cutie Bug is a simple fold and write game for the whole family, winner of “Edo’s Stuck at Home” contest. The game is played over 4 rounds, where players search a garden (folding) looking (circling and scoring) for bugs. The player with the most points wins! (Ages 6+)
    • Roshambo Domino – is a game of chance and wits perfect for young players. The game uses classic Rock, Paper, Scissors hierarchy with a domino twist. During each round, players will play their cards domino style and try to knock out their opponent. The game is played in several rounds, until one player runs out of health. (Ages 5+)


  • Circus Corigi Printables

Circus Corgis is a published game from Zerura Games that can be bought at The Game Crafter. Circus Corgis is a Family Trick-Taking, Treat eating, Star Bidding, low rider game for all levels! The game plays in several rounds until a player earns 5 Trophies from bidding accurately on their winnings. You may also earn Treats to incentivize your pups and play the higher value of a card. Outbid and out-trick your opponents and put on the most spectacular show in Circus Corgis!

Check out these free Circus Corgi printables:




Thank you to all the designers, artists, and publishers that agreed to allow us to put their stuff on this page for Gameschool Summer.  And thank you – for checking out this page, we hope you enjoy it, that it adds to some of the summer fun you will have with your families. If you do enjoy the page, please spread the word about it. Also, a special thanks to those publishers that have provided games for us to giveaway (keep an eye out on our social media pages for more on this).